Favorite YouTube Channels and sources

  • The Spirit Science – beautiful source of a big range of information, well animated, suitable also for children
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek – tons of wisdom and direct experience about many controversial topics (my absolutely favorite source of information between currently incarnated people)
  • Matias de Stefano – if you prefer Spanish – he’s sometimes referred to as a young version of Drunvalo
  • Nassim Haramein – one of the lead Quantum Physics scientists who has all you need to connect a modern science with ancient wisdom and spirituality
  • Bruce Lipton – founder of Epigenetics, beautifully explains biology of belief and biological science behind spirituality
  • Sadhguru – tons of wisdom and direct experience with spirituality
  • Ryan Cropper – very knowledgeable, has lots of experience with Astral Projection
  • Aaron Daughty – not really favorite as he talks much more than I personally need 🙂 but definitely worth checking out
  • EldoRa Rose – starting female YouTuber explaining the awakening on Earth more from the experience point of view

Favorite Quantum Technology gadgets

  • Somavedic – powerful devices that can create a healthy and strongly supportive environment for your growth
  • Flower of Sunlight – quantum infused waveform of the Sunlight into a pendant and essential oil

Favorite books